A Midsummer Day's Dream

"A Pink hat girl" - Acrylic, 5"x7" May 2017

I dreamed a dream of a pink hat girl wearing a blue dotted on white swimming suit and a pink hat. A yellow green tube and the background of this image are my imaginative supplements. 

What a Sunny day!

"Three Synchronized Swimmers of Summer" - Acrylic, 5"x7"June 2017

After this dream, a scene of three synchronized swimmers synchronizing at the competition was strongly stuck in my part of brain. 

They were powerful, having fun, and encouraged by a lot of audiences. A game referee was encouraging those three players with a cheerful sound of whistle outside of a pool. 

All the claps, whistles, laughs, and all of the sounds at that day were perfectly connected with each other. 

It was a dreamful festival of summer. 

We were calm, confident and happy enoughly.

The mood of this scene from my dream was imaged like a screen of television, little bit lost as like when the 80's screen of shows turn on. Analogue mood. This is why I tried to dot for background to deliver the analogue mood that I had felt , like dreamlike.