The six people who have a job in each different field are willing to use their work skills to solve the problems happened inside and outside of their workplace. 

While completing the missions by using their work skills, they ironically find joy through social devotions, maintaining work and play balance, and obtaining higher work efficiency and outputs. 

Run Run Run!

A personal trainer trains bunch of commuters running fast in order to get into a subway. 


Plate Juggler

She enjoys her work because she always performs an amazing juggling for her customers and gives joy. 

It is a secret that she needs tips. 

Sweep Sweep Sweep!

Two street sweepers play a sport, Curling.

Help Yourself!

A Maki man cooks a massive amounts of same electronic manufactures in a factory based on his repetitive making maki rolls experiences. 


A road construction worker makes every morning, everyday crest juices through his jackhammering power!

Repairing a fence

A dentist repairs a public rotten and broken fence.